PC 2.0 nano

Noticia 20161115 PC 2 0 nano
LIM HAIR PC 2.0 nano
LIM HAIR PC 2.0 NANO is a compact iron plate perfect for more precise works like straight hair near the root, fringe,... Besides with bag included you could bring it for travelling, to gym, wherever you go. Not for being compact is less professional because it has been designed with same technology used in professional iron plates.


Noticia 20161115 PC 6 0 COPPER
As always LIM HAIR betting for the innovation in his products, launches to the market this innovator iron plate. This new LIM HAIR PC 6.0 COPPER in two versions of 24 mm (1")  y 38 mm (1.5") plate wide. Its innovation is in his plates, with COPPER technology that take care of your hair, reducing hair stress due to iron plate use, getting more moisturized and shinier hair. Inner moisture remains after use.

Moreover this iron plate is easy to use and confortable. Control temperature is precise thanks to its leds control. As us usual in LIM HAIR, plates are oscillating and floating with soft movements. Even an extra long power cord in rubber material being heat proof.

PC 8.0

Noticia 20161115 PC 8 0
LIM HAIR launches its new PC 8.0 Well known and accepted iron plate as highest quality iron plate in the market changes its images to a more modern and attractive one. Puchsia and Black colour are now available. A free luxury free heat proof pouch is included inside and can even be used as a mat. All these included inside a nice jewellery box.

La ya conocida y largamente aceptada en el mercado como una de las mejores planchas del mercado, se remodela en imagen para tomar una imagen más moderna y atractiva. Además se fabricará ahora en 2 colores, Fucsia y Negro. Incorpora un neceser térmico que además sirve de alfombrilla protectora de mesa de regalo. Todo ello viene en un cofre joyero reutilizable.

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