Noticia 20161115 Travel pack

LIM HAIR mixes their successful items, TR 1.0 travel hairdryer and TANGLIM detangling brush. Now, you could take both items with you when you travel, to the gym or wherever you go becuase both are now inside a practical bag.

Nuevos colores TR 1.0

Noticia 20161115 TR 1 0
New pattern designs for TR 1.0
Our travel hairdryer TR 1.0 changes the image of last COLOUR DROPS pattern, making it more attracitve. Morever a new design TRENCADIS is launched, inspired in the famous arquitec GAUDI.

El secador de viaje TR 1.0 cambia la imagen de su estampado COLOUR DROPS haciéndolo más atractivo y vistoso. Además se incorpora un nuevo color, TRENCADIS inspirado en la obra del famoso arquitecto Gaudí.  Además opcionalmente este secador se puede suministrar en un práctico display de 6 unidades para venta en Beauty shops y salones.

PC 2.0 nano

Noticia 20161115 PC 2 0 nano
LIM HAIR PC 2.0 nano
LIM HAIR PC 2.0 NANO is a compact iron plate perfect for more precise works like straight hair near the root, fringe,... Besides with bag included you could bring it for travelling, to gym, wherever you go. Not for being compact is less professional because it has been designed with same technology used in professional iron plates.

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